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As for the plot, a mysterious Illuminati-like group called Court of Owls will take over the city. This will give Batman a new challenge, as their leader Owlman is said to be stronger than Batman in many ways.

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While this is happening a mass breakout at Blackgate Prison and Arkham Asylum will occur - giving players more to contend with. Although there will be numerous evil villains, Batman will not be alone in the fight. Robin will be a fully playable character, however, the dual player mode will not feature the dual takedown combo, but it will still feature new special moves, combos, and skills that will keep players intrigued.

  • Batman: Arkham Knight.
  • The threats to Gotham continue....
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Aside from these characters, the franchise will never forget to include Joker in its sequel. In the game, Joker will be more of a morally vague person that he will even assist the Batman in the game.

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Moreover, Batman will receive various aids from the likes of Barb Gordon, Lucius Fox, and his most royal butler, Alfred. Topics suggested for you.

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Developed by Rocksteady Studios. All Rights Reserved. Arkham Knight Buy Download. Blood Language Suggestive Themes Violence.

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Season Pass This season pass for Batman: Season of Infamy: This expansive challenge pack allows focused training in FreeflowCombat and Invisible Predator stealth incursion. Game Details. Terror Unleashed Gotham falls victim to Scarecrow's fear toxin, transforming the famous city into a twisted, hellish nightmare in the Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition Includes the main game and the season pass, delivering regular new content for 6 months featuring new story missions, more supervillains invading Gotham City, new legendary Batmobiles, advanced challenge maps, alternative character skins, and new drivable race tracks.

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