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At the top of the search results, we have provided tools to modify your search results. You can display just the local discounts or just the national discounts, or both.

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You can also sort the results by age requirement or alphabetically, by distance, and you can set the amount of discounts you want displayed on each page. Sort Results: Alphabetically or Age Requirement: You can list the search results alphabetically by the name of the business providing the discount.

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You can also list the discounts by age requirement. Selecting age requirement will arrange the discounts by the lowest age requirement first. Discount Types: National and Local Listings: By default, the search results will display both the local and national discounts.

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  6. For instance if you choose the Golf category, the results will list all of the golf courses in your geographic area local discounts , but it will also display and online retailers national discounts that may provide discounts on golf equipment. Discount Distance: You can choose how far away to search for discounts.

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    The default setting is set to display all discounts that are within miles from the zip code or city, state entered. You can modify the distance using this drop-down menu to search as little as 2 miles from the criteria entered. Results per Page: Ninety percent of all driving decisions require a clear view of the road, which means good visibility is essential - especially during wet weather when vision may be obstructed by water, road splash, sleet or snow on the windshield.

    Good visibility requires wipers that are in good condition. If the wipers are chattering, streaking or otherwise failing to wipe cleanly and consistently, you need new blades now. Don't delay, your safety depends on it. T-TECH R drains and traps your vehicle's old fluid, including that in your torque converter, and replaces it with factory new fluid. This service extends the life and improves the performance of your transmission. When the cooling system fails to operate properly, over-heating or freeze-up may occur.

    How Jiffy Lube Performs a Signature Service Oil Change, presented by Jiffy Lube

    Failure to replace your coolant at recommended intervals can result in acid corrosion and costly repairs. Our Coolant Exchange Service is designed to replace your vehicle's old coolant from the entire cooling system, for optimum performance.

    Free Hot Wax Updgrade | Hoffman Car Wash & Jiffy Lube

    We recommend following your manufacturer's recommended interval when replacing your vehicle's coolant. A good strong battery will start you on the first try regardless of heat, cold weather and drivers who demand so much of them. Batteries, do not last forever and sometimes quit without warning, leaving us stranded. A good rule of thumb is to start keeping a watchful eye on performance after about four years.

    Jiffy Lube Vehicle Preventive Maintenance

    See your owner's manual for recommendations for your automobile. We are prepared to drain and refill the lubricants in the gear boxes of your vehicle. We carry a wide selection of automotive fluids to meet the needs of most automobile manufacturers. If you question whether or not we are prepared to perform a service on your vehicle, call ahead. If we do not have the fluids on hand, we will do our best to get them.

    Because this belt performs a major function, proper inspection and maintenance is vital. If your serpentine belt fails, the vehicle cannot operate. We inspect the condition of your belts every time we perform a Star Service R Oil Change on your vehicle.